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EU Commission's 2030 energy policy needs binding renewables target


EC: 2020 renewable energy targets at risk

Green Paper

The European Commission today opened the debate on EU energy and climate policy after 2020 - offering the energy industry the prospect of the long-term clarity and stability needed for large, long-term investments.

The European Commission's Green Paper on a "2030 framework for climate and energy policies" published today in Brussels presents 2030 targets as a key policy option.

"It is important to put long-term climate and renewable energy policies in place, and the European Commission and Council already agree that an increase in renewable energy is a 'no-regrets' option," said Justin Wilkes, Director of Policy of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). "Energy policy debate over the coming months will be crucial to Europe's future."

"Member States must now join the European Parliament and the Energy and Climate Action Commissioners in support of a 2030 renewable energy target, together with a greenhouse gas target. This would allow Europe to replace fossil fuel imports with a thriving European wind energy industry generating large amounts of zero-emissions renewable power and technology exports".

"Setting a binding 2030 renewable energy target would help the achievement of the 2020 targets, by providing the wind sector with the clarity needed to make the necessary long-term investments, thereby driving down capital costs as well as the cost of capital," Wilkes said.

Renewable Energy Progress Report

The Green Paper is accompanied by a report on national renewable energy progress. For the first time the Commission warns that it is concerned about the achievement of the 20-20-20 renewable targets by 2020 due to national policy changes. This echoes EWEA's concerns that changes to support mechanisms are driving away investors and making it more difficult and expensive to achieve the 2020 targets. (Special statement on the European energy uncertainty crisis)

Please find EWEA's position on the 2030 EU Climate and Energy framework here.

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