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EU Ministers must move beyond generalities on 2050 energy roadmap


14 June 2012

EU Energy Ministers meeting in Luxembourg tomorrow are expected to agree:  
- a substantially higher share of renewable energy beyond 2020 (defining it as a "no regret option")
- that developing post 2020 strategies is necessary and urgent, and to encourage work to define the 2030 policy framework

"The European Parliament, European Commission and now all EU Energy Ministers agree on substantially increasing renewables beyond 2020 and the need for a 2030 policy framework" said Christian Kjaer, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association. "That is a good start. But investors need EU Ministers to move beyond generalities very soon."

"If the politicians want private sector investment in renewable energy and its economic benefits including those from European technological leadership, they urgently need to agree on a target for renewable energy for 2030".

Note - There is a risk that Council conclusions will be blocked tomorrow by Poland that does not want to use the term 'decarbonisation' to describe achieving the agreed objective of an 85% reduction in emissions by 2050 as this implies not using fossil fuels. If the text is blocked by Energy Ministers, EWEA believes it should go to Heads of States.

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