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EP vote and EREC report: Pressure grows for stronger EU climate and energy action


Today's vote in the European Parliament's powerful Environment Committee and the launch of a new report by the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) have increased the pressure for a higher EU emissions reduction target and a renewable energy target for 2030.

The EP Committee voted in favour of increasing the EU's greenhouse gas emission reduction target to 30% including "25% internal reductions by 2020" within the EU.

"This is a very positive signal for the EU industry. It is in the EU's interest to reduce emissions at home and hence develop its green industry even further, as it holds a clear competitive advantage in renewable technologies", said Rémi Gruet, EWEA Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor for climate and environment.

"Heavy use of clean development mechanisms and joint implementation offsets outside the EU will only be beneficial for our international competitors, such as China".

The report also acknowledges the many positive impacts of higher climate protection and higher production of renewable energy, including six million potential additional jobs and a more competitive European Union.

The proposal for a binding 45% renewable energy target by 2030, made by the European Renewable Energy Council in a new report launched today in Brussels, would have similarly positive impacts.

"EWEA fully supports a 45% renewable energy target for 2030," said Gruet. "400 billion Euro need to be invested in new wind power generation over the next two decades. EU governments must send a clear message that such investments must be made in renewable energy sources. A new regulatory framework covering the period after 2020 needs to be in place by 2014 - within the lifetime of this Parliament and Commission".

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