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In the run up to EWEA’s GRIDS conference in Berlin this November – a two-day conference and exhibition which will debate the future of Europe’s electricity grids - we thought we’d draw your attention to our Frequently Asked Questions page, electricity section, which contains answers to your questions about the grid.

Since much of the grid is out of sight you’d be justified in asking: what is the grid? Our FAQs will tell you that the grid is the physical infrastructure of the electricity network via which electricity reaches consumers.

Under this same question you will find out what the problems are with the current state of the electricity grid. For example, did you know that Europe’s grids have operated within national borders and have been run by publically-owned power companies for decades? This situation makes it difficult for newcomers like wind power to access the network.

You’ll also find answers to questions like: how much electricity can one wind turbine generate?

Moreover, when thinking about the future shape of electricity grids, be sure to check out the answer to: why do we need a supergrid?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.



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