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GRIDS 2010 : Exploring the future of Europe’s electricity grids


Wind energy enthusiasts will be aware that Europe’s electricity network is facing a challenge: over the coming 12 years at least half of it needs to be replaced or repaired, and much work is needed to extend the cables that bring power to our homes and businesses if we are to meet rising electricity demand and bring down the prices paid for electricity by us all.

Not only to meet consumer demand, but also to help protect the environment. The grid is not yet capable of delivering large amounts of renewable, green electricity from the vast sources available like offshore wind to the main centres of demand. If Europe is serious about reaching its renewable energy targets then the construction of new grids and reinforcement of existing networks must start now.

There are, of course, many obstacles in the way of building and rebuilding grids. Financial, technical, policy and regulatory hurdles must be overcome. With this in mind, the European Wind Energy Association is hosting GRIDS 2010 – a two-day conference and exhibition on 23-24 November in Berlin. The conference, supported by ENTSO-E – the network of European transmission system operators, BWE - the German wind energy association and VDMA Power Systems, will explore the issues connected to the future of Europe’s electricity grids.

Some 500+ experts will be in attendance, including high level speakers from market leading European utilities, manufacturers, transmission system operators and decision makers from EU institutions, national and local level governments. Europe’s key players in transmission and distribution, cable manufacturing, installation and grid management will also be there.

The main panel of the event is entitled: ‘A pan-European grid vision for 2020, 2030 and 2050’ and other topics on the agenda in Berlin include: who should pay for a new grid in Europe?, planning to interconnect Europe’s electricity grids, planning a North Sea supergrid, smart grids, electricity market design, social acceptance, jobs, education, training and the current and future needs of transmission technologies.

The conference will be accompanied by a highly targeted exhibition featuring Europe's leading players in utilities, transmission and distribution, as well as other key stakeholders with interests in grid issues. It will provide great business and networking opportunities. Stands are now available to all organisations (EWEA members and non-members) on a first-come, first-served basis.

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