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Get ready to give Europe the fresh air it needs...


The ‘Breath of fresh air’ campaign was launched today at the European Wind Energy Conference in Warsaw. Check it out at www.ewea.org/freshair and show your support for wind energy by adopting a wind turbine. Tell your friends about your turbine, and win a trip to Copenhagen including a visit to a real wind farm in our tell-a-friend contest.

Give Europe a breath of fresh air!
Europe possesses an energy source which could power it seven times over: the wind. European companies are world leaders in wind power, generating thousands of jobs. Wind energy reduces Europe’s dependence, and spending, on imported fossil fuels. It lowers electricity prices and emits no CO₂.
Over the next 12 years, Europe must build new power capacity equal to half the current total. We must use this opportunity to construct a modern power system that meets the challenges of the 21st century.
Give Europe a breath of fresh air by adopting a wind turbine at www.ewea.org/freshair.

Visit our campaign website. It’s overflowing with informative and fun features: an interactive ‘how a wind turbine works’ tool where you can adjust the rotor size and wind speed and see how much electricity your turbine generates, factsheets on wind energy, Frequently Asked Questions, two videos and much, much more.   

EWEA wants to get every wind turbine in Europe symbolically adopted by a citizen – and thousands more citizens voting for their favourite turbine. It’s a simple but powerful way to demonstrate public enthusiasm for wind power!

EWEA has launched a blog!
EWEA’s new ‘breath of fresh air’ blog will bring to you the latest views and news on wind energy in the EU.
It will be a place where you can comment and share your point of view with other people in what we believe is the world’s only dedicated European wind energy blog. With sharp opinions and special updates on EWEA’s campaign and other events and activities, check out www.ewea.org/blog and help give Europe the breath of fresh air it so desperately needs.

Join in our campaign to ‘Give Europe a breath of fresh air’  

For more information on the campaign contact Elke Zander at [email protected]
For more information on the blog contact Zoë Casey at [email protected] 


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