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Warsaw workshop


The Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy (PIGEO) is hosting a seminar in Warsaw on 10 October, 2007, which will focus on the environmental aspects of wind farms.

The day after this event, EWEA will organise a workshop on wind energy in the new EU member states, in collaboration with the Energy Centre Bratislava (ECB). For more information: http://www.pigeo.pl/index.php?lang=EN
This one-day event will include speakers from the new member states explaining the opportunities and challenges presented by the target for 20% of renewable energy to come from renewables by 2020.

Organised as part of the EU’s 6th Framework Programme for Research (FP6) RESTMAC project (Renewable Energy Sources Technology Marketing Campaign), the day will include presentations from the Polish Wind Energy Association and PIGEO, as well as practical experiences from Spain, the Baltic States, Hungary and Slovakia.

Presentations will be in English, hopefully with translations into Polish. The workshop is free of charge but registration with the ECB (contact Vojtech Hollan at [email protected]) is necessary in order to attend.


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