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EWEC Call for Abstracts


Do not miss the opportunity to contribute to the EWEC 2008 conference. Share your experiences and present the latest policies, products and technical developments to decision makers, the wind industry and wider electricity community.

Accepted abstracts will be presented in plenary, parallel or poster sessions and will be published in the conference programme. All authors will be notified by mid-November of the Programme Committee decision.

Please note all abstracts must be submitted online before 3 September 2007. EWEC 2008 call for abstracts topics:

Business and Policy
B1 Integrating wind into electricity markets
B2 Financing wind energy projects
B3 Policies and programmes
B4 Offshore: developments and prospects
B5 Market development and industry structure
B6 Environmental issues
B7 Winning hearts and minds
B8 Global challenges and opportunities

Technical and Scientific
T1 Resource assessment
T2 Forecasting
T3 Site assessment
T4 Aeroelasticity loads and control
T5 Aerodynamics and aeroacustics
T6 Wakes
T7 Wind turbine electrical systems and components
T8 Wind power plants and grid integration
T9 Condition monitoring
T10 Operation & maintenance
T11 Autonomous, hybrid and distributed systems
T12 Structural design and materials
T13 Advances in measuring methods
T14 Innovations in turbine design
T15 Offshore technology
T16 Small wind turbines and applications

Visit www.ewec2008.info today to submit an abstract or for further information about the conference.


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