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Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy - EWEA Special Topic Conference, 7 - 8 November 2006, Brussels


Call for Abstracts: Opens 20 March - Deadline for Submissions: 23 June

Wind power is ready to be a mainstream energy supply technology across Europe.

One of the core challenges for wind power to contribute to the European energy supply at a penetration level comparable to that of conventional power sources, is how to effectively integrate significant amounts of wind power into European electricity systems. This conference aims to facilitate this cooperation and address the following issues during 2 days of presentations, discussion and debate:

Grid connection requirements
Contribution to system adequacy
Grid infrastructure
Operation of the system
Institutional and legal issues
R&D, demand side management and storage.

Stakeholders in this process should include: Wind industry : wind turbine and component manufacturers, project developers, wind farm operators, engineering and consulting companies, R&D institutes and national associations;
Power sector : transmission and distribution system operators and owners, power producers, energy suppliers, power engineering companies, R&D institutes, sector associations;
Public authorities : energy agencies, ministries, national and regional authorities, regulators, European institutions;
Users : industrial and private electricity customers, energy service providers, consultants, R&D institutes.

The recent EWEA report: «Large scale integration of wind energy in the European power supply: analysis, issues and recommendations», presents a detailed analysis of the technical, economic and regulatory issues, which need to be addressed in order to move Europe towards a more secure energy future through increased wind power production.


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