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European record for wind power: Over 6,000 MW installed in 2005. Wind energy has surpassed EC White Paper targets for 2010


Industry statistics released for the EU wind energy market showed that cumulative wind power capacity increased by 18% to 40,504 MW (megawatt) at the end of 2005, up from 34,372 MW at the end of 2004. 6,183 MW of wind power capacity was installed last year, representing a wind turbine manufacturing turnover of some €6 billion.

"With the installation of a record 6,183 MW in 2005, wind energy has achieved the European Commission’s 40,000 MW target for 2010, five years ahead of time," said Prof. Arthouros Zervos, President of EWEA. "This underlines the technology’s ability to deliver fast and vast amounts of clean energy."

Over the last ten years, cumulative wind power capacity in the EU has increased by an average 32% per year over the ten year period from 1995 to 2005. In terms of annual installations, the European market has grown by an average 22% over the same period. In 2005, the European market grew by 6%, to 6,183 MW (from 5,838 MW in 2004). The growth was achieved despite a combined reduction in installations of more than 500 MW between Germany and Spain.

Although there are still many barriers to wind energy development in most EU countries, the figures demonstrate a healthy underlying trend in the market," said Prof. Zervos. "The sector is gradually becoming less reliant on a few key markets in Europe. That trend is even stronger when we look at the global market for wind energy in 2005, with more countries significantly increasing investments in wind power technology, not least USA and India."

The top five European wind energy markets in 2005 were Germany (1,808 MW), Spain (1,764 MW), Portugal (500 MW), Italy (452 MW) and the UK (446 MW). In cumulative installed capacity, two countries have more than 10GW (Germany 18,428 MW and Spain 10,027 MW) and seven countries have more than 1GW (Denmark 3,122 MW, Italy 1,717 MW, UK 1,353 MW, Netherlands 1,219 MW and Portugal 1,022 MW, as well as Germany and Spain).

The 40,504 MW installed in the EU by the end of 2005 will, in an average wind year, produce some 83 TWh of electricity, equal to 2.8% of EU electricity consumption in 2004.


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