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EWEA joins Executive Committee of the IEA Wind Implementing Agreement


EWEA has been officially and unanimously invited by the International Energy Association (IEA) to join its Executive Committee of the Wind Implementing Agreement (WIA). EWEA will be its very first member under the newly developed “Sponsor” category.

The Agency's Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT) will finalise the membership at its meeting later this month. EWEA has been participating as an observer in the activities of the WIA Executive Committee since its meeting at Oulu, in Finland, in autumn 2004. The membership of the Executive Committee consists, other than EWEA, of IEA member’s country governments and / or agencies and research institutions affiliated to them. Involvement in its activities provides a unique opportunity to exchange latest data, access information on national policies related to wind energy - particularly in the realms of research - and to hold informal discussions.

EWEA is delighted to become a member of the Executive Committee and looks forward to long and fruitful collaboration. This spring, the ExCo’s meeting was hosted by the European Commission’s DG Research in Brussels. Following the two day talks, delegates were invited to visit Hansen Transmissions’ high tech factory at Lommel.

The Wind Implementing Agreement is one of several Implementing Agreements overseen by the Renewable Energy Working Party (REWP), based in Paris. The Implementing Agreement on Renewable Energy Technology Deployment, in which EWEA is also active, has recently begun to operate, and will provide an important opportunity to synthesise some of the activities of the individual technologies that the Implementing Agreement is responsible for.

REWP, along with other Working Parties, on fossil fuels, end use and fusion, are in turn overseen by CERT, see the diagram below.


Source: IEA Wind

For more information on the activities of the Wind Implementing Agreement, please visit http://www.ieawind.org/


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