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EWEA Conference on Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy


The vital issue of the large scale integration of wind power will be the subject of an EWEA conference to be held in Brussels on 7-8 November. This two day event will focus on the main political challenges being faced by Europe as it introduces substantial amounts of wind power into both the European power system and the internal electricity market.

The conference is being organised by EWEA together with the European Commission and the European Transmission System Operators (ETSO). Delegates are expected from institutions, regulators, TSOs, ministries, utilities and the wind industry. The event is sponsored by ABB and Airtricity.

The programme offers a wide variety of presentations and discussions on key topics related to wind power integration - from the European policy framework for wind energy through to the integration process in practice.

Day one: the European policy framework

In the opening session, key policy makers at a European and national level will present their perspectives on wind power in the electricity supply system. In the second session, high level representatives from the European Commission, transmission system operators and the wind power industry will debate how the large-scale deployment of wind power in Europe’s power supply relates to European energy policy and the Lisbon strategy.

In the afternoon, discussions will focus on synergies between the necessary grid expansion for offshore wind power and the broader needs of the European transmission network for cross-border power exchange. The concept and opportunities of a European offshore grid will also be presented, as well as the Priority Interconnection Plan and TEN-E Guidelines. Regulatory aspects of offshore grids will then be highlighted, based on examples from the UK and Sweden.

The final session on the first day consists of a dynamic panel debate where high level representatives from the wind power industry (developers, wind farm operators, turbine manufacturers) and network operators will discuss the feasibility, opportunities and barriers to installing and operating large amounts of wind capacity in the electricity network.

Day two: detailed look at integration issues

On day two, the main players will get the chance to express their views on key challenges for wind power integration. Experts will discuss the following subjects: wind power technology and the opportunities from a market and resources perspective; technical challenges and economic integration issues; power system operation with significant amounts of wind power; grid connection requirements (grid codes); necessary upgrades in the transmission system and adaptations in the power market to enable large scale integration.

The afternoon session is dedicated to investment strategies. Significant investments are needed in the transmission network to improve the functioning of the European internal electricity market. Electricity networks of the future therefore have to be reshaped and adapted for new technical, economic, environmental and political realities.

In the final session, speakers from selected countries will present the actual and projected developments in wind power integration, including both leading and upcoming markets. The preliminary results of a European wind integration study undertaken by the European TSOs will also be presented.

For more information and detailed conference programme: www.ewea.org/integration


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