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EIWEN Indian trade mission to Europe


In the framework of the EU-India Wind Energy Network (EIWEN) project, an Indian exchange mission to Europe will be organised from 10 to 12 January 2007 in Amsterdam and Brussels. The delegates from India and Europe will gather to discuss the future development of wind energy and the challenges it faces.

The participants of this mission will include Indian and European wind energy manufacturers, developers, financial experts, policy makers and researchers.

The round table conference will start on 10 January in Amsterdam where among others the following topics will be discussed: technology developments, the applications of wind energy technology (grid integration, wind forecasting) as well as the Indian and European perspectives on technology developments in relation to large scale grid integration, harmonised classification codes for components and technology transfer. There will be ample time for discussion between the Indian and European counterparts.

On 11 January, a technical tour at the ECN test station will take place. The last day of the mission will be dedicated to a final workshop in Brussels which will focus on the relevance of the EC policy on wind energy for India and the presentation of the project’s main outputs: a policy research report giving policy recommendations to improve the implementation of wind energy technology in India and Europe, a financing handbook including a critical analysis of financing concepts of large scale wind energy projects in India and Europe, an R&D strategic report presenting an analysis of wind energy R&D priorities in India and the European experience including a strategic research agenda for India; and a strategy for collaboration between the Indian and European wind energy associations giving an emphasis on the synergies.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation for this mission or if you wish to attend the round table conference or the final workshop, please contact Zoé Wildiers at [email protected]. Please note that the number of participants is limited.


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