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GWEC announces Global Wind Summit 2007 in Québec City on 3 October 2007


The 22nd CanWEA annual Conference and Trade Show (22-25 October 2006) brought together more than 1,000 delegates, 130 exhibitors and more than 100 speakers to discuss policy, business and technical issues related to wind energy development in Canada. Given the great success of this event and the booming Canadian wind market, The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) is pleased to announce the Global Wind Summit 2007 that will be held in Québec City on 3 October 2007 cooperation with CanWEA.

The Canadian wind market has grown by an average of more than 30% over each of the last six years as a result of a mixture of federal incentives and initiatives by individual provinces to increase the contribution from renewable energy. Canada now has 1,217 MW of installed wind energy capacity and will likely have reached 1,300 MW by the end of the year. This represents a near doubling of the total installed capacity compared to the end of 2005.

The rapid growth of Canada’s wind energy industry is reflected in the tremendous growth of the CanWEA annual conference, which has become Canada’s largest renewable energy event. GWEC participated in the international session of the conference by presenting the status of the global wind markets.

“It is clear that wind energy has begun to move from the margins to the mainstream of Canadian economic activity,” said CanWEA President Robert Hornung. “With provincial governments seeking a 10-fold increase in installed wind energy capacity in Canada over the next decade, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of wind energy’s potential economic contribution to Canada.”

“Given the rate at which the Canadian wind energy market is growing, GWEC’s decision to hold the Global Wind Summit 2007 in Québec City seems to be the obvious choice. This Summit, which will be linked to CanWEA’s annual event in October 2007, will provide a high­level platform for the most senior representatives of industry, government and the investment community to discuss the latest developments for wind energy and formulate a common vision for the future,” said Prof. Arthouros Zervos, GWEC’s Chairman.

During the event, CanWEA released two new studies showing that wind energy is helping to boost the economy of rural communities through local investments, job creation, land lease fees, new local tax revenues and tourism income.


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