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BB200612, News in Brief

German legislation has opened a new chapter in the supply of electrical power supply for Germany


The German Bundestag and Bundesrat have recently agreed on a new law to strongly support offshore grids. The law foresees that the cost of connecting offshore wind farms will not be borne by the wind farm developers, but by transmission system operators (TSOs). The legislation therefore provides wind farm developers with long awaited planning security.

“This is a clear signal that the government wants to see wind energy moving faster in Germany,” said Hermann Albers, Vice-President of the BWE (German Wind Energy Association). He is confident that the new policy will help to achieve the BWE target for 2015 to cover nearly 15% of current German consumption by wind power.

Fritz Vahrenholt, Chief Executive of REpower, expects a cost reduction of offshore wind farms by 30% as a result of the new law. “It means that offshore wind power and conventional power plants on land are on equal terms,” he said.

The new law is supposed to provide grid connection to projects which have begun construction prior to the end of 2011. Operators of offshore wind farms will experience a substantial cost relief as the grid connection represents a large part (20-30%) of the investments in offshore wind power projects.


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