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European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition: "Powering change towards a new energy future"


Arriving from all corners of Europe, wind energy actors will meet this May at the European Wind Energy Conference (EWEC) organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) to identify the actions required to re-shape the European energy mix and discuss what role wind energy can play.

The European energy story is at a crossroads. Key decisions need to be taken now that will have enormous impact on our energy future. No action: continue down the same route, accepting fuel price increases, power cuts and black outs, increasing geo-political risk, energy dependence, pollution and climate change damage. Take action: implement an effective roadmap for a new energy future with a strong focus on renewable energy, leading to a truly secure, sustainable, indigenous and competitive energy supply at predictable cost. Given the political will, wind could provide more than 20% of Europe’s electricity needs within the next quarter century, equivalent to 200 million households.

The European Wind Energy Conference will analyse and debate the steps required for meeting a large part of European electricity needs by wind power. These include stable political frameworks, upgrading the existing power infrastructure to incorporate wind energy, taking steps to continue cost reductions, increasing offshore wind production and intensifying research, innovation and technological progress in the wind sector. The conference will also discuss ways to lighten the legislative barriers and increase public awareness.

EWEC 2007 will showcase to decision makers the two options detailed above: Action or No Action, and conclude with a concrete ‘call for actions’ detailing the necessary roadmap to a new energy future, asking for immediate actions.

The event will bring together over 3,000 key players from the wind and electricity sectors for 4 days of intensive networking, new business development and information exchange.

The conference programme this year includes over 500 confirmed oral and poster presentations and 8 parallel workshops on all aspects of the wind and electricity sectors. The 40 sessions cover a huge range of topics, providing relevant and up to date information from the world's leading experts.

As well as the conference sessions there will be a parallel Exhibition with over 200 of the leading companies involved in wind energy. It is the perfect place to examine the technologies, hardware and services that keep wind energy moving.


EWEA is now WindEurope

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