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Eurobarometer: EU Public Strongly Favours Wind


‘EU citizens prefer renewable energy sources in general and wind and solar in particular’, according to the latest Eurobarometer opinion survey on energy technologies published on the 8th of January by the European Commission.

The survey shows that 71% of EU citizens are “very positive” about the use of wind energy in their country. Only solar power reaches a slightly higher acceptance level (80%), whereas gas is supported by 42%, coal by 26% and nuclear power by just 20%. This is the first time that an explicit distinction has been made between renewable energy sources in the questionnaire, which examines the public’s knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of energy issues in all 25 member states.

“This week’s Eurobarometer opinion poll confirms the high level of support for wind energy and other renewables among European citizens,” said EWEA Chief Executive Christian Kjaer. “If European governments, currently debating the future of energy in Europe, want to be in tune with their citizens, they must increase their ambitions for renewables at the upcoming March Spring Council.”

A large majority of citizens across the EU25 support the use of solar and wind energy in their country, according to the survey. Danes (93%), Greeks (88%) and Cypriots (83%) expressed the greatest enthusiasm for wind energy, but other countries were not far behind. Opposition to wind energy is almost non-existent (3%).

“Europeans recognise that new technologies could have a very big impact on the energy system of the future and they expect more cooperation at European level to develop such technologies”, commented European Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik.


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