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News in Brief, BB200609

IEA Wind Energy Annual Report published


The latest edition of the IEA’s Wind Energy Annual Report says that wind power is now regarded “as any other energy source in modern power systems”. The 2005 report records progress in the deployment of wind energy in the 20 IEA Wind Member Countries, and how they are devising strategies to increase its contribution.

Introducing the report, the former Chair of the IEA Wind Executive Committee Peter Goldman, together with the current Chair Ana Estanquerio, say that “this has been a year of multiple and difficult challenges for the world’s energy sector. Having reached its technological maturity, wind energy can now contribute in many different aspects and is regarded nowadays just as any other energy source in modern power systems equipped for 21 st century needs and constraints.”

The 20 IEA countries, located in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific Region, reported about 51.4 GW of total installed wind generation capacity by the end of 2005. This represented a more than 20% increase over the previous year.


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