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Energy & Transport: Figures and Main Facts


The Directorate General Energy and Transport of the European Commission has just published the new energy and transport review   This annual report presents a description of the energy and transport sectors for 2004, covering issues such as: infrastructure, costs and accessibility, links between economy, energy and transport; a full section on environment, then on trading partners for both sectors. It also includes a chapter dedicated to efficiency in energy and transport. An analytical approach, based on statistics and other factual information, but also focusing on questions of political interest, has been employed.

The two Commissioners in charge of the sectors, Jacques Barrot and Andris Piebalgs, introduce the new publication saying: “ The energy and transport sectors are fundamental to our way of life and to the functioning of our economy. They have many things in common. Both are crucial to the development of basic strategies such as the Lisbon agenda and the sustainable development strategy. They are essential to economic competitiveness; they contribute to social and territorial cohesion; and they have a major influence on our quality of life and the environment. Also, both have a security impact and an international dimension.”

If you wish to know more about this 2004 review: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/energy_transport/figures/energy_review_2004/index_en.htm  


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