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BB200610, News in Brief

EU Sustainable Energy Week: "Take a week to change tomorrow! Award Competition"


The European Commission awareness campaign “Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign” has opened an award competition rewarding sustainable energy best practices during a high-profile public event on 1 February 2007.

The competition will serve to further promote the objectives of the “Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign” to the more general public. Since the winning partners will be promoted to the press and showcased as an example of excellence, the Award competition can also be an effective means to motivate the members of your network to apply for a partnership.

The deadline for entering the competition has been set for 3 November 2006. This isstill sufficiently far off to give newly interested parties time to fill out the on-line application form and obtain approval, after which they automatically enter the competition alongside the existing partners.

The Awards ceremony, among other events, will take place during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, scheduled from Monday 29 January to Sunday 4 February 2007.


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