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Wind Energy: top-of-the-range technology will get the industry into the energy driving seat


“I have a vision of us going out there and telling people outside how great wind energy is”, said Andrew Garrad, co-founder of consultancy Garrad Hassan & Partners Ltd and winner of the 2006 edition of the Poul La Cour Price. He was nominated today at the closing session of the EWEC 2006 Conference and Exhibition, which had opened in Athens on 27th February.

The main conclusion of this year’s EWEC focused on the impact of regional and global events such as typhoon Katrina, the gas and oil crisis and the future growth prospects of wind energy technology.

According to wind energy experts, more interaction between engineers and the energy sector at large will ensure the future technological development of wind energy. Technological development must continue to advance if installation on a scale comparable to conventional energy sources is to be achieved.

“The conclusions drawn by this Conference will be an important contribution to the concrete development of renewable energy in the European Union member states”, said Nikous Stefanou, General Secretary, Ministry of Development, Greece.

This year’s event saw 2,600 participants attending from more than 40 countries and 150 companies exhibiting.

At EWEC 2006, the European Wind Energy Association launched its new “No Fuel” report and campaign, which outlines how wind can meet over one fifth of European energy needs, eliminate the economic risks of volatile and uncertain fuel prices, and provide an indigenous and practical solution to the current European energy crisis.


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