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European Parliament committees vote yes to 2030 renewables target


MEPs have today reaffirmed their support for an ambitious climate and energy policy and their commitment to renewable energy by supporting three binding 2030 targets for renewables, greenhouse gas reductions and energy efficiency.

Members of the energy and industry, and environment committees voted 66 to 50 in favour of the three targets earlier today. The vote goes to plenary in February.

“Following the letter in favour of a 2030 renewable energy target from eight Member States including Germany and France, to European Commissioners, this vote is another strong signal to the European Commission of the widespread support for a binding renewable energy target for 2030”, commented Stephane Bourgeois of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

“In its upcoming communication on 22 January, the Commission must propose an ambitious and binding renewable energy target. It cannot deny the findings of its own impact assessment which says a renewable energy target is better for the economy than a greenhouse gas target alone – over 560,000 more jobs, €500 billion in fossil fuel import savings, and lower energy costs for energy intensive industries.”.

Following the European Commission communication on 22 January and the European Parliament plenary vote in February, EU Heads of State will meet in March to agree on a mandate to the Commission to draft legislation on 2030 climate and energy policy.   


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