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EWEA Activities, BB200602

GWEC co-organises Renewable Energy Policy Forum in Mexico with World Bank, the GEF and the Mexican government


400 high-level policy-makers, investors and industry representatives discussed in Mexico City best practise approaches to designing policy frameworks to foster the deployment of renewable technologies especially in emerging markets. Experience from regions with strong wind markets such as Europe, the US and India has demonstrated that supportive policy frameworks are critical to mobilising important investments, encouraging technology development and creating new markets.

The conference was co-organised by the Mexican government, the World Bank, the UN Global Environment Facility (GEF), ESMAP and GWEC.

Renewable energies, and in particular wind energy, can substantially contribute to regional development around the world. Its deployment supports economic development, improves the security of energy supply, avoids hydrocarbon price volatility, creates jobs and contributes to substantial CO2 reductions. However, the developing world has yet to reap the full benefits of renewable energy.

Without political support, renewables remain at a competitive disadvantage due to distortions in the world’s electricity markets created by decades of massive financial, political and structural support to conventional technologies.

"48 countries around the world have already introduced laws and regulations to support the development of renewable energies, including 14 developing countries. These initiatives are starting to bear fruit," said Arthouros Zervos, Chairman of GWEC, speaking at the conference opening session. "Wind and photovoltaic energy in particular are growing at a breathtaking rate. While currently we see most of this development in only five markets, there is huge untapped potential in Africa and Latin America. It is crucial to develop the right political support frameworks to realise these opportunities."

Recent encouraging initiatives include the Chinese Renewable Energy Law, which entered into force on 1 January 2006. Mexico is also in the process of passing a renewable energy promotion law, modelled to suit its context of a state-owned utility.


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