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The challenges of designing 10-20 MW Offshore Turbines

Results from the EU-funded INNWIND.EU and AVATAR projects


When: 18 November, 15:00 – 18:30
Where: Espace 2000 C

Offshore wind energy is generated by immense wind turbines, which gives rise to new design challenges. This event discusses many of the complex design aspects:

In INNWIND.EU, an integrated wind turbine concept is designed with i) a light weight rotor having adaptive characteristics and active distributed control, ii) an innovative low-weight direct drive generator and iii) a standard mass-produced tower and substructure at different water depths. The project has developed 10 MW and 20 MW wind turbines and demonstrates super-conducting generators and Pseudo Magnetic Direct Drive generators to verify performance.  Wave tank tests on floating structures and soil tests on fixed substructures are being performed.

Within AVATAR, a wind turbine is designed based on the INNWIND.EU turbine, this one however pushes aerodynamic aspects like airfoil thicknesses and Reynolds and Mach numbers beyond the limit of what is conceivable for future commercial applications. To improve and validate the aerodynamic modelling, several unique wind tunnel measurements have been carried out, the results of which are brought into a blind comparison test. The measurements are carried out in a pressurised wind tunnel in which airfoils can be tested up to Reynolds numbers of 15 Million, including airfoils equipped with flaps and vortex generators.

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