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Reducing costs in the offshore wind supply chain

Two examples from the LEANWIND project



When: Thursday 19 November, 15:00 – 17:30
Where: Espace 2000 D

Cost reduction in the overall supply chain is one of the main needs the offshore wind energy industry is currently facing.

This is the key focus of the EU-funded project LEANWIND which began in December 2013. This event will highlight two potential areas for cost optimisation examined so far: minimisation of maintenance visits to offshore wind turbines, and a ports and infrastructure suitability assessment.

On the first topic, Norsk Automatisering AS, NA.AS will present a Remote Presence system, REACT/eMIP, they have developed with their subsidiary, eMIP AS. The system can allow an on land operator to move around inside the turbine with sensory inputs such as vision, touch and sound. It is adequate to perform most inspections, and is currently being tested on a land-based wind turbine. Secondly, the University of Hull will explain the requirements that ports and onshore bases must fulfill in order to support the further development of the offshore wind industry. They will do so by highlighting: the most critical port characteristics to support the identified three phases of installation, O&M and decommissioning; and a model that enables decision makers to tackle the strategic challenge of choosing the most suitable port for their offshore wind farms.

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