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Tuesday 17 November
13:15 14:00 EWEA COP21: How the business climate is changing

Starting 30 November in Paris, representatives of nearly 200 governments are expected to conclude a new global climate agreement that will create a pathway for long-term decarbonisation. As countries around the world prepare for COP21, the most important climate conference this decade, EWEA will give you a chance to get an insight into the negotiations.
In this session, we will discuss topics such as the prospects for a climate deal, national climate pledges and how COP21 will impact the wind energy business.

Joel Meggelaars

Political Affairs Advisor – ETS, Joel Meggelaars (EWEA)

14:30 14:45 Menck Featured presentation:
Wind Turbine Foundation development over the last 15 years, a review, outlook and challenges from an Installation point of view

MENCK installed over the last 15 years all kind of foundations for the offshore wind industry. The constant improvement of the industry request from all parties’ technical development within the complete supply chain. MENCK will show challenges of the past and challenges of the future regarding pile driving.

Nils Raab

Nils Raab, Sales Manager Wind Europe (Menck)

16:15 17:00 EWEA State aid: Where is it getting tender

Renewables support schemes in EU Member States follow Environmental and Energy State Aid Guidelines. The latest version, from 2014 introduced two major policy changes: first, the move from feed-in tariffs to market premiums and, second, the replacement of administratively set tariffs with tendering.< In this session, you can ask EWEA experts about the implications of the Guidelines' for wind operators as well as how the industry can manage the shift towards market-based instruments for public support allocation.

Viktoriya Kerelska

Political Affairs Advisor – Stable Frameworks, Viktoriya Kerelska (EWEA)

Wednesday 18 November
10:45 11:30 EWEA EU market: Whom to keep on the radar

The wind industry is on a fast track to be the leading energy generating technology in the EU. EWEA’s on- and offshore statistics, give a very precise overview regarding the future of the industry.
The Support Mechanism Overview and the Wind Turbines Orders Monitoring are two new tools with which EWEA provides a clear understanding of the ongoing evolution of the regulatory frameworks and markets for wind energy at Member States level. In this session, you will get updates on recent and upcoming developments on the EU market.

Giorgio Corbetta

National Markets & Policies Analyst, Giorgio Corbetta (EWEA)

11:30 13:30 Recharge Floating Wind Power Debate

Floating wind power is on the rise. Seen as an experimental concept only five years ago, the prototypes now turning off Norway, Portugal an Japan are proving the merits of the technology — and pointing the way towards cost reductions that would carry floaters into the mainstream with an LCoE of under £100 ($158) per MWh within the next decade. Recharge, the official publication of EWEA 2015, is bringing together a panel of the leading thinkers on floating wind power to discuss the lessons of the pilot projects, plans for the first floating arrays, and how the sector is overcoming barriers to commercialisation.

Henrik Stiesdal, Joao Metelo (Principle Power), Stephen Bull (Statoil), and Johan Sandberg (DNV), and Marubeni
Plus Darius Snieckus moderating

Henrik Stiesdal, former chief technology officer, Siemens Wind Power
Trine Ingebjørg Ulla, head of asset management, Statoil Renewable Energy (Hywind)
Tomofumi Fukuda, project director, Fukushima Forward, Marubeni
João Metelo, chief executive, Principle Power (WindFloat)
Johan Sandberg, offshore renewable energy service line leader, DNV GL — Energy
There will also be a special presentation on the global floating
wind market from the UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.

16:15 17:00 EWEA Offshore: United on the tightrope to success

2015 has been a record year for the European offshore wind industry with positive developments in the technology, financing and supply chain. EWEA can already at this stage present an idea of the expectations for the industry in 2016.
In this session, you will learn about success stories on the cost reduction pathways, the technological and political developments on the market and the services that EWEA provides for those involved in offshore wind.

Andrew Ho

Offshore Wind Analyst, Andrew Ho (EWEA)

Thursday 19 November
10:45 11:30 EWEA Finance: Who’s your asset

The good financial momentum has resulted in a rush of liquidity in infrastructure assets, an opportunity that the wind sector needs to seize and capitalise. All of the ingredients are there: We have gained extensive experience in the recent years, investment needs are great and long-term financial investors are actively seeking for attractive projects.
In this session, you will get insider knowledge on how markets are developing, what the types of available finance are and where business opportunities will emerge.

Ariola Mbistrova

Finance Analyst, Ariola Mbistrova (EWEA)

13:15 14:00 EWEA Trade: Paving the way for your goods

The European Wind Energy Association works towards facilitating exports thanks to its pro-active engagement with the European Commission on trade policy. In the on-going WTO Environmental Goods Agreement negotiations, the European industry and the policy makers have taken a leadership role.
In this session, we will discuss upcoming windows of opportunities to overcome export obstacles in Europe’s neighbourhood and overseas.

Pierre Tardieu

Deputy Director for Public Affairs, Ivan Peneda (EWEA)

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