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International collaboration on wind energy research, development, and deployment

Results of the International Energy Agency Wind R&D programme

IEA-Wind-pictureWhen: Thursday 19 November, 09:00 – 11:30
Where: Espace 2000 C

The “International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement for Co-operation in the Research, Development and Deployment of Wind Energy Systems” (IEA Wind) sponsors cooperative research tasks and provides a forum for international discussion of research and development issues.

Currently there are 22 countries actively participating in 15 cooperative research tasks, which help shape the technological development of wind energy.

This session will give industry players and researchers insight into the latest results of these topics, and provide an overview of the broad range of collaborative research activities developed in the context of IEA Wind.

The session will consist of 4 panels:

  • Panel 1 – Wind Technology Development
  • Panel 2 – Wind Characteristics and Integration
  • Panel 3 – Wind Turbine Testing and Certification
  • Panel 4 – Social, Environmental, and Economic Aspects of Wind Energy

Each panel member will give a high-level summary of a research topic and results to date, and then a facilitated question and answer period will follow. The international dimension of the research tasks involving teams from Europe, North America, and Asia & Pacific enables a global approach considering the specific circumstances of the different regions, bringing a new perspective to the research challenges included in this session.

This event is open to all registered EWEA 2015 participants (no additional registration required).

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