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Delegates are invited to meet and discuss with the poster presenters in this topic directly after the session 'On- and off-shore installation technologies' taking place on Wednesday, 12 March 2014 at 11:15-12:45. The meet-the-authors will take place in the poster area.

Jakob Bebe Cotes A/S, Denmark
Jakob Bebe (1) F P Thomas Roennow (1)
(1) Cotes A/S, Skælskør, Denmark

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Protect turbines by keeping a low relative humidity during transport and storage


A relatively long time can pass between the production of Wind Turbine components and until these components are taken into service, and during this time the components are being influenced by the weather.

Specifically condensation is a major risk during transportation and storage of wind turbine parts. Condensation can lead to electrical failures even before the turbine is being commissioned.


Reducing the relative humidity during transport and storage by dessicant dehumidifiers and thereby reducing the moisture, will reduce the risk of electrical failures and corrossion, and can save valuable time and money prior to commissioning. Dessicant dehumidifying ensures that the equipment are being kept in good condition and ready for a long service life.

Main body of abstract

When vital parts of the wind turbine are not being protected during transport and storage the consequences can be severe. Materials can deteriorate due to corrossion which can ultimately lead to material breakdowns.

The vital electrical parts such as the converter can get wet due to condensation, and this can in turn lead to electrical failures. These electrical failures are often experienced in the converter when connecting the turbine to the grid. Small water molecules will have accumulated inside the converter which will lead to short circuits. At this point it is very complicated and expensive to fix such electrical problems.

Removing moisture by dessicant dehumidification is the only efficient way to keep the relative humidity low during transport and storage.

Cotes A/S has supplied thousands of dehumidifiers for transport and storage during the last decade, making us the most experienced supplier in the field of Wind Turbine dehumidification.


By keeping a low relative humidity during transport and storage a good working condition can be ensured for the vital parts of a wind turbine.

You will not experience any condensation related problems such as electrical failures and you will not experience any deterioration of the materials used.

By avoiding problems during transport and storage your turbine will be ready for a long service life.

Learning objectives
Delegates will learn about dessicant dehumidification which is a cheap and easy way to keep the equipment in a good state during transport and storage prior to the actual installation/commissoning of the turbines.