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Delegates are invited to meet and discuss with the poster presenters in this topic directly after the session 'Advanced electrical systems: From megabyte to megawatt' taking place on Wednesday, 12 March 2014 at 09:00-10:30. The meet-the-authors will take place in the poster area.

William Waugh High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd., United Kingdom
Lee Renforth (1) F P Riccardo Giussani (1) Malcolm Seltzer-Grant (1)
(1) High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd., Manchester, United Kingdom

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Presenter's biography

Biographies are supplied directly by presenters at EWEA 2014 and are published here unedited

Dr. Bill Waugh is currently employed as a KTP associate at Newcastle University, UK. Working in conjunction with HVPD Ltd, research involves the development of a new combined “multi-modality” mechanical and electrical monitoring system for application to large offshore wind turbines (of 3MW and above).


The adoption of best practices for insulation condition assessment and condition monitoring of offshore wind farm export and inter-array cables: preliminary field trial results


This paper is an extension of the work published by the authors in the 2013 EWEA offshore conference on the importance of the insulation condition monitoring (CM) and testing, both at the commissioning/acceptance phase and then into the service life of the cables.The proposed paper describes the knowledge gained through a large measurement campaign on offshore inter-array systems.


This paper presents a further analysis of the technologies used for the commissioning/acceptance testing of newly installed cables explaining advantages that they carry to the Condition Based Management (CBM) of the offshore wind farms. The analysis is performed on the base of field data of partial discharge (PD), power quality (PQ) and sheath currents (SC) measurements performed on offshore inter-array and export feeder cables.

Main body of abstract

The implementation of electrical condition monitoring (CM) technology has been limited to date and there is presently no system available in the market that can effectively perform the monitoring and correlating several differing parameters to enhance the assessment of the insulation condition assessment (ICA).
This work presents the analysis of the data recorded with a new monitor system that can detect and record partial discharge (PD), power quality (PQ), sub sea cables’ sheath currents (SC) and transient earth fault event (TEF).
The data have been recorded on different offshore wind farms over a period of several months; the export feeders have also been monitored from the onshore side to better understand the phenomena observed offshore.
The analysis of the data has shown how correlating the effect of phenomena on differing parameters can helps to increase the understanding of the real state of the systems improving the Condition Based Management (CBM) of the assets.
Results also show what measurements should be improved and suggest what further development can be produced to improve the offshore electrical systems.


This paper shows how the cross-linking differing condition monitoring parameters as PD, PQ and SC can help to produce a better assessment of insulation condition monitoring (CM) and to improve the testing, both at the commissioning/acceptance phase and then into the service life of the offshore inter-array cable systems and the export feeder cable systems.

Learning objectives
This paper shows how CM technology can support Condition Based Management (CBM) of offshore MV and HV networks to increase the reliability and to reduce O&M costs.