Pure Power 2011

Wind Energy Targets for 2020 and 2030

Pure Power 2011

Published: July 2011

Pages: 97

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)


This updated edition of Pure Power once again shows the huge contribution wind energy already makes – and will increasingly make – to meeting Europe’s electricity demand and strengthening its economy, and to avoiding polluting and costly fuel and carbon.


Wind energy currently meets 5.3% of the EU’s electricity consumption from an installed capacity of 84.3 GW.

The European Wind Energy Association’s scenarios show that wind energy in 2020 should meet 15.7% of EU electricity demand from 230 GW, and by 2030, 28.5% from 400 GW. Indeed, EWEA believes wind energy can provide half of Europe’s power by 2050, with the remainder from other renewable sources.

To ensure the continued buoyancy of the wind energy sector and the path to 100% renewables in 2050, EU renewables legislation is needed now for the period after 2020. This should follow the successful legislation so far by setting an ambitious, binding renewables target for 2030.

EWEA is now WindEurope

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