Harness the wind to tackle climate change

EWEA Climate change briefing for the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Harness the wind to tackle climate change

Published: October 2009

Pages: 8

Size: Landscape (250mm x 150mm)


Wind power fights climate change. It is an abundant energy resource. Wind energy is a real alternative to emission producing fossil fuels and, crucially, can be deployed and begin reducing CO2 emissions immediately. Wind energy is already fighting climate change: in 2008, wind power in the EU avoided the emission of 91 million tonnes (Mt) of CO2.


Wanted: ambitious climate agreement in Copenhagen

  • Because without a global solution, temperatures will rise above 2°C, and climate change will overwhelm human civilisation. When?
  • By 2020, we need a target consistent with the range of 25%- 40% identified by the IPCC to give us a 50% chance of avoiding the 2°C temperature rise.
  • By 2050, anything below an 80%-90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions falls short of recent scientific evidence.

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