EWEA Annual Report 2011

Thirty years growing together

EWEA Annual Report 2011

Published: June 2012

Pages: 48

Size: Square (210mm x 210mm)


2011 was the year that EWEA spearheaded the call for 2030 renewable energy targets and began to look forward to its 30th anniversary in 2012. During the last 30 years EWEA has supported the growth of Europe’s wind power industry from a marginal technology (in 1982 there was just over 100 MW of capacity in Europe) to a major industry – Europe is set to pass the 100,000 MW mark this year, providing over 6% of Europe’s electricity.


Despite the ongoing economic crisis, Europe’s wind installations remained stable in 2011. And the industry’s long-term prospects remain bright in the light of the European Commission’s Energy Roadmap 2050 showing that wind energy would be the leading generating technology by 2050.

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