The next steps for EU climate and energy policy


Published: September 2013

Pages: 7

Size: Square (210mm x 210mm)


The EU must decide as soon as possible on an energy and climate policy framework for 2030. This is so investors continue to invest, wind energy continues to grow and deliver all its benefits, and the EU can meet its greenhouse gas reduction commitments of 80-95% by 2050 in the most cost-efficient way.


This 2030 framework must be centred on mutually reinforcing binding targets for renewable energy, greenhouse gas emission reduction and energy efficiency. The GHG target must be defined ambitiously enough to take the emissions reductions of the separate 2030 renewable energy and efficiency targets into account, and provide additional incentives for emissions reductions beyond efficiency and renewable energy. In that way the three targets will work in a coherent and concerted way, underpinning and mutually supportive.

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