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DONG Middelgrunden tour

dong energyVisit to House of Green and guided boat tour by DONG Energy to Middelgrunden offshore wind farm

Departure from the main entrance of the Bella Center Thursday 12 March at 9:15
Return to Bella Center at 11:45

Visit to House of Green middelgrunden3

Denmark – Our DNA is everywhere in offshore wind

At the House of Green visit you will be introduced to the Danish wind story and you will learn about the impact that Danish energy policies have had on the national energy sector.

A representative from State of Green will guide you through the history that has brought the Danish wind energy industry to where it is today and cover the importance of implementing wind energy to the power grid.

Denmark knows wind; in the last 40 years, the Danish wind energy industry has played a major role in the making of a State of Green.

Boat tour to Middelgrunden offshore wind farm

“How innovation and development can drive down cost of offshore wind energy”

This tour will take you back to the late 1970s when the first wave of innovation and product development took place and dozens of wind turbine manufactures shaped the baseline for the global wind energy industry. The presentation also outlines the major steps of innovation from onshore wind power to the initial offshore wind power plants and demonstrates how the offshore wind power industry now stands as an industry of its own. The last part of the presentation focuses on describing the most important areas of innovation and the development of the building blocks of offshore wind power plants.

Buses will depart from the parking lot in front of the exhibition entrance and will return to the Bella Center at the exact time stated above.

Disclaimer: Please note that State of Green and the Danish Wind Industry Association reserve the right to change the programme and that there are a limited number of seats on each tour. The allocation of seats is on a first-come, first-served basis. Cancellation of the boat tours may occur in case of bad weather conditions.