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Kick-starting development in the Baltic Sea: Industry perspectives

IMG_7179ksWhen: Thursday 12 March, 9:00-11:30
Where: Meeting room 20

What are the possibilities and the barriers to accessing the vast potential for offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea? This side event will have a commercial perspective focusing on how key industry players are answering that question.

The side event is part of the Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Forum (BaSOF), a forum for issues related to the development of offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea. The forum organizes workshops, conferences and seminars with the participation of non-governmental organizations and companies from the Baltic Sea Countries (BSC).

The ultimate purpose of the biannual BaSOF meetings is to formulate a common strategy for recommendations that can be communicated to BSC governments.

Previous forum topics have included cross border support systems, grid interconnectors, maritime spatial planning, industrial innovation and co-operation and research, development and demonstration.

Agenda Baltic Sea

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This side event is open to all event participants.
No registration required.

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