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Poster session

Lead Session Chair:
Stephan Barth, Managing Director, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, Germany
Torben Lorentzen LORC, Denmark
Torben Lorentzen (1) F P Lars Stylsvig Rasmussen (1)
(1) LORC, Munkebo, Denmark

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Presenter's biography

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Lorc test centre – testing nacelles, components and structures


LORC Test Centre is established by some of the major players in the offshore wind industry. LORC tests and demonstrates technology for harvesting renewable energy offshore. Working in partnership with industry, academia and public authorities, LORC promotes innovation and contributes to the reduction of energy cost. LORC have state-of-the-art facilities for testing of full-scale nacelles and mechanical and environmental testing of large components and structures.
The LORC Nacelle Testing centre consists of two test rigs.


The Function Tester is designed to test full-scale nacelles of up to 10 MW, including the hub and the complete software package, validating the turbine’s compliance with various grid codes, its reaction to external events and the machinery’s robustness. Testing with the hub is unique and makes testing at LORC the most realistic indoor trial of nacelles in the world. Customers have a nearly unlimited choice of which combinations of normal, abnormal, and extreme conditions should be applied to the nacelle while testing high accelerations and decelerations from the 12 million Newton meter direct drive motor.

Main body of abstract

On the HALT test rig LORC will offer highly accelerated lifetime testing of nacelles exposed to full-scale tilt and yaw moments. The capacity of this test rig will also be nacelles with a power output in the 10 MW regime.
Testing the turbine’s function in interaction with the grid is central at the LORC Nacelle Testing centre. Customers have two possibilities of testing: the actual grid (33kV, 50z) and the grid emulation (0-40 kV; 45-65 Hz). LORC can test if the turbine is grid compliant within all corners electrically – and customers can verify if the turbine can ride through voltage dips and frequency variations.
Traditionally, grid compliance testing is performed on demonstration sites and connected with some problems detecting eventual problems occurring as a result of the frequency changes. When testing grid compliance on site, the reference frequency to the wind farm controller is changed while the actual frequency at the individual turbine is not changed. This frequency change can make other problems occur making it very difficult to detect in real life on site.
By bringing testing of nacelles closer to real-world conditions, the LORC Nacelle Testing centre should support industry in its efforts to shorten time to market.
Together with industrial partner FORCE Technology LORC establishes a centre for mechanical and environmental testing of large components and structures for offshore use.
The 180 m² strong floor with 4 m high reaction walls is for mechanical testing of large components, exposing them to forces and loads in the mega Newton range.


In addition, a big climate chamber of 14 x 8 x 8 meters with a temperature range from -38oC to +60oC will offer to customers the possibility of testing their products environmentally, exposing them to a combination of temperature, humidity and corrosive environment in the form of salt spray.
Also, in cooperation with FORCE Technology, LORC has established a welding centre focussing on the development of novel production methods using laser welding technology. The welding technology centre has one of the most powerful laser systems, providing up to 32 kW of laser power.

Learning objectives
The site offers a unique infrastructure. At the heart stands a gantry crane with a lift capacity of 1,000 tons, a span of 148.5 meters and with 77.5 meters below the hook. Unloading of customers’ nacelles from a transportation ship and installation into one of the test docks can be done directly using the gantry crane, lifting the nacelle through removable roof parts of the test centre building.