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Poster session

Lead Session Chair:
Stephan Barth, Managing Director, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, Germany
Mikel Zabaleta Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A., Spain
Mikel Zabaleta (1) F P
(1) Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A., Navarra, Spain

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Presenter's biography

Biographies are supplied directly by presenters at OFFSHORE 2015 and are published here unedited

Mikel received his Electric and Electronical Engineering Degree from the Public University of Navarra (UPNa), Spain, in 2004. He has been working for the Ingeteam Group since 2006; always involved in design and development of power conversion stages for renewable energies. He is currently the Product Manager for Medium Voltage Converters in the WindPower department. His main duties are designing and manufacturing a multilevel medium voltage power converter family (three level NPC) to be used in Windpower. He is technically responsible for the design of the filtering stages as well as the machine control strategies and overall integration.


Optimal modulation and filter design to increase efficiency at partial loads


Efficiency has always played an important role in power electronics; especially in renewable energy applications where providing high partial load efficiency is a must.


Power converter manufacturers have been continuously trying to improve the efficiency of the conversion stages during the last years. The typical approach is to reduce the switching frequency of the semiconductors, thus reducing its losses and increasing overall efficiency; but this approach has several drawbacks such as:

Main body of abstract

-Its improvement is not straightforward as the losses in the filtering stage may increase therefore the efficiency at minimum load are aggravated.
-The switching frequency reduction is limited by the fulfilment of the grid codes in terms of harmonic emission in the grid side and by the machine losses in the machine side.
-Its improvement is load dependent (as switching losses increase with the current level of the converter); so the best improvement is achieved at high loads instead of at partial loads


Ingeteam has developed an optimized switching pattern in conjunction with a specially tuned grid side filter that, combining them, allows increasing the overall efficiency (especially at partial loads) in several tenths of percentage (compared to that of the typical space vector modulation, NTV, with sinusoidal filter) while keeping the harmonic emission below strictest grid codes.

Learning objectives
1.- Develop the advances switching patterns to maximize the overall efficiency.
2.- Develop the grid filter topologies to minimize the losses at partial loads.
3.- Show the improved efficiency achieved at partial loads for wind turbines class I, class II and class III.