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Poster session

Lead Session Chair:
Stephan Barth, Managing Director, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, Germany
Enrique Gancedo Iberdrola Engineering and Construction, Spain

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Presenter's biography

Biographies are supplied directly by presenters at OFFSHORE 2015 and are published here unedited

Mr. Gancedo is MEng in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from Oviedo University (Spain) with 13 years industry experience. He has been working in the wind industry last 8 years focusing on Offshore Wind since 2010. He is currently a Senior Engineer at Iberdrola Engineering and Construction in Installation & Logistics department. He has been involved in projects as Marszewo, Chirnogeni, Ngong II... (Onshore wind farms) or Wikinger, WODS or East Anglia (Offshore wind farms). After his studies he spent 2 years at ThyssenKrupp as junior engineer and next 3 years in Mecalux as a Site manager.


Osial: new offshore logistics planning tool


Profit = Revenue – Expenses. This equation applies also in Offshore Industry and its profit is critically related with risk management. Project management can do little managing the revenue regulatory risk. But on the expenses, we can do a lot to manage the costs derived from developing a project on the risky maritime environment.

Focusing on the Offshore Investment Cost, it is widely recognized that logistics and installation are the biggest slice of the pie regarding costs and project risks.

The importance of both factors comes from the maritime environment, especially with weather down time impact in Installation & Logistics phase


OSIAL is a new logistic planning tool which helps the project management team to find the best installation strategy, simulating what would have happened if the project were executed in any moment of the past. Doing it many times, and on many dates, we can refine the strategy, minimizing time, cost and risk.

When Iberdrola Engineering and Construction faced the need to plan offshore projects, and minimize the weather risks, we didn’t find any application fulfilling all of our needs.

So we launch a join IT Project to develop our own application, tested satisfactory in our in-house projects

Main body of abstract

OSIAL is friendly-user software, that doesn’t require IT or statistical skills, it is designed to be used by the Project Management Team.

OSIAL plans all the project activities, all packages can be analysed as a whole or independently detecting any clustering between packages.

The simulations include many adaptable and operational limits over sites with different environmental conditions.
The Most important difference is that the simulations run over real meteocean data. We run the project plan over the raw historical data of the sites, generating many simulations, and analysing the results applying comprehensible statistical methods.

OSIAL has different modules as managing storage or costs analysis.

The goal is to minimize the project cost, time and risk, optimizing the logistic and installation strategy.
How OSIAL works:

• Add the project sites with their raw historical meteocean data or persistence tables, this can include various variables, wind, wave, ...
• Define a project plan with activities sequence. Specially defining durations, costs, weather windows, and weather operational limits.
• Create a project simulation. Defining the time frame and the frequency of the simulation
• Analyse the results. The system reports detailed and graphical data to analyse each simulation project performance considering not only time but also cost.
• Multiple versions of the project can be created, and for each version multiple simulations can be executed. Afterwards all the results can be compared and in a continuous improvement process, modifying activities, sequence, vessels etc..., refine and optimize the project strategy.
• Select the best strategy.


Using OSIAL over Offshores projects with complex logistical process the Project Management Team can optimise the project strategy, taking early decisions based on serious grounds, prior to going offshore.

At the end of the day reducing the required investment cost and risk of the offshore projects, improve the expected industry profitability, guaranteeing a promising future by reducing the offshore costs.

The best way to take decisions over an uncertain future is to look at the past and use it, and OSIAL is the best tool for doing it in Offshore projects

Learning objectives
OSIAL contributes for a better:

• Offshore Project Management
• Minimize weather downtime
• Optimize installation strategy
• Optimize sequences of activities
• Detect clustering between packages
• Contracts negotiation with weather downtime clauses.
• Investment risk control
• Risk Management
• Manage Supply chain