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Thursday, 12 March 2015
11:45 - 13:15 Recent Successes in Financing Projects – and what we can learn from them

Cost & finance  

Room: A12

Session description

This session consists of a series of presentations of successful projects from a financing perspective. It aims to draw
upon the different experience of our panel to highlight the key factors that have contributed to this success. It will also
seek to emphasise important learnings for future financing in a rapidly evolving European offshore wind sector. Panel
themes will include: equity; contracting strategies; debt; ECAs and multilaterals; new entrants and cost reduction.

Learning Objectives

1. How to finance an offshore project successfully
2. What were the obstacles in finding capital and how were they overcome
3. How to share the risks of construction

This session will be chaired by:
Graham Meeks, Director of Policy, UK Green Investment Bank, United Kingdom
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Achim Berge Olsen
CEO Offshore, WPD, Germany
Market perspectives of a European utility developer, with a particular focus on the Butendiek project  

Paul Bradley
Chief Financial Officer, Northland Power
Market perspectives of a non-traditional, new-entrant equity sponsor  

Jérôme Guillet
Managing Director, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers
A debt market perspective with a particular focus on the Gemini project  

John Pickett
Partner, Linklaters
Evolving project structures in the market, an adviser’s perspective, with reference to the Westermost Rough project  

Mark Giulianotti
Director, Green Investment Bank
Initial response to open the discussion, speaking from the perspective of a potential funder in debt and equity  

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