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Wednesday, 11 March 2015
14:30 - 16:00 Health & safety - Manage risk: Reduce cost

Health & safety  

Room: A11

Session description

This session seeks to examine aspects of risk management and lessons learned as part of the roadmap to cost reduction. Wintin the session, topics will include:

  1. Contrator management - creating a common understanding
  2. Exporting standards - global picture
  3. Innovation - fire risk
  4. 10 years - Zero LTI, Egmond Aan Zee
  5. Successful performance indicators

Learning Objectives

1. Define leading indicators in the offshore wind industry.
2. Understand risk perception, sensitivity and tolerance in offshore wind.
3. Recognise advantages of sharing and exporting good practises with new markets.
4. Recognise that innovation in safety is an ongoing requirement.
5. Understand the involvement of key contractors & operational specialists in setting standards.

This session will be chaired by:
Kirsten Bank Christensen, Vice President, Group HSEQ, A2SEA, Denmark
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Mette Jørvad , A2SEA, Denmark
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Vivek Menon
Cross Wind - Maritime Health & Safety in Offshore Wind Supply Chain  

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Arve Sandve
Lloyd's Register Consulting, Norway
WTG Fire Risk Simulation

Alan Chivers
The Renewables Consulting Group, United Kingdom
Safe Offshore Wind Farm - Operation & Maintenance  

Claus Rose
Siemens, Denmark
HSE taking the business lead in Offshore