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IEA Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration

Tuesday, 19 November, 09:00-17:00
Messe Frankfurt, Hall 3, level C, East, room Effekt

One way to identify inaccuracies and errors in new computer models and simulations is to compare their outputs under a wide range of conditions. To compare the codes used to design support structures for offshore wind turbines, the Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration (OC3) began in 2004, within Subtask 2 of the IEA Wind Task 23 Offshore Wind Technology and Deployment.

Experts from eighteen organisations in ten countries made code-to-code comparisons to improve the codes’ predictive capability for offshore wind energy structural loads. By 2009, the collaboration completed four work packages or phases, all built on a common 5-MW reference wind turbine model developed in previous work by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States.

Task 30 OC4 continues the work begun in Task 23. Over an additional four-year period (2010 through 2013). The operating agent organizations (managers) of the work are the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States and the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES in Germany. There are two work packages (1.5 years each): focused on jacket support structure and floating semisubmersible, respectively. An experts meeting was held in 2012. Each work package and the experts meeting of verification data sets results in final reports.

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To attend this workshop, first register for EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 then contact [email protected](at) to sign up for this workshop. Attention! Places to this workshop are limited. Check availability before registering.

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