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Design tool for offshore wind farm clusters

Tuesday 19 November, 16:00-18:00
Messe Frankfurt, Forum, level C, room Substanz 1&2

EERA–DTOC is a EU (FP7) funded project that aims at designing a robust modelling tool to better plan offshore wind farms so that they produce as much power as possible.

Developers, strategic planners, wind farm operators and others in the wind industry will be able to use the tool given the unique advantages it is set to bring to the planning process.

Speakers from DTU Wind Energy, Fraunhofer, CENER and ECN will provide participants with the latest intermediary findings, explain the main steps during the development stages, and reveal how the tool will be tested.

Participants will discover the key elements of this new tool, including:

  • A number of standardized and efficient wake modelling cases for offshore clusters for an optimum space between wind turbines in the same farm,
  • Procedures for the optimization of the electrical design of offshore wind farm clusters including the provision of power plant system services by the clusters,
  • Accurate values of the expected net energy yield from clusters of wind farms as well as the uncertainty ranges.


16:00-16:10 Welcome and introduction
Peter Hauge Madsen/Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU Wind Energy
16:10-16:25 Project achievements: wake modelling – energy yield production of wind farm clusters
Alfredo Peña, DTU Wind Energy
16:25-16:40 Project achievements: grid interconnection optimisation and power plant system services
Luis Mariano Faiella, IWES Frauhofer
16:40-16:55 Project achievements: resources and energy yield
Elena Cantero Nouqueret, CENER
16:55-17:10 From integration to development of the EERA-DTOC tool: main steps and challenges
Gregor Giebel, DTU Wind Energy
16:55-17:10 Validate and demonstrate the design tool: scenarios and demos
Gerard Schepers, ECN
17:25-17:40  Open debate with the audience, questions and final comments

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