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10 most wanted profiles in the offshore wind industry

The “10 most wanted profiles survey” is being carried out by Greenfish as part of the EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 careers day. Two questionnaires, designed by Greenfish (one for candidates/employees and one for employers), will define the 10 most wanted profiles in the European offshore wind sector. These profiles will be shared with you during the careers day on 21 November.

Candidates that fall into one of these 10 profile categories will be invited to take part in a matchmaking exercise. The will then be offered an interview with companies looking for people with their skill set.

The aims of the survey are to:

1.    identify the current 10 most wanted profiles in the offshore wind energy sector
2.    help companies that are currently recruiting to meet potential candidates

We encourage potential candidates/employees to take part to find out:

  • if their profiles match those identified by recruiting companies
  • what skills and experience are in demand

Take part in the survey for candidates !

We encourage EWEA members and exhibitors that are currently recruiting to take part to:

  • discover the most in demand profiles (are your competitors looking for the same profiles as you)?
  • give EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 participants your view of the employment situation in the sector

Take part in the survey for companies !

Exhibitors can also find out how to take part in the exhibitor zone.

Please note: by taking part in the survey you are not committing to any recruitment services. Recruitment missions will be processed only upon request and after a feasibility study has been carried out. For more detailed information, please contact the Greenfish team at: [email protected] or by phone: +32 2 333 09 90.

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