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Thought leaders to meet at EWEA OFFSHORE 2013

At the upcoming EWEA OFFSHORE event, political and industry leaders will debate 2030 targets, leading manufacturers will discuss how to lever the best state-of-the-art technology and industry experts will go into detail on financing offshore wind and taking turbines into deeper waters.

On top of this, EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 will welcome Recharge’s high level Thought Leaders. The Thought Leaders Club is an initiative launched by Recharge which brings together leading thinkers and participants in the renewable energy industry to contribute towards finding solutions.

“The challenges facing the sector are considerable. We believe that there is a need to rethink, regroup and find innovative approaches to these challenges” says Ben Backwell, Editor-in-Chief at Recharge.

In Frankfurt, Thought Leaders will discuss the current state of the German offshore wind market at the Recharge Thought Leaders VIP Brunch sponsored by E.on on Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 10.30am, Fascett Room, Hall 3. This high level debate will look at the roll out of key new technologies and infrastructure such as the giant offshore platforms using HVDC technology, and look at whether supply chain bottlenecks are close to being resolved, following the serious hiatus which the sector suffered last year.

It will examine whether new regulations have resolved key questions of liability over grid delays and assess the size of the sector’s construction pipeline in the mid-term. It will also look at how the changing political panorama post elections is affecting the sector.

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