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Match making & HR advisory services page

The aim of match making is to help recruiting companies set up meetings with potential candidates.

The Greenfish team will contact companies that want to take part to gather the necessary information. They will then provide a job specification and, once approved by both parties, Greenfish will arrange face-to-face interviews to take place on site on 21 November 2013.

For more information, please contact: [email protected] or +32 472 21 15 99.

The Greenfish team will be on site to answer companies’ HR-related questions and advise candidates / employees on their career path. We suggest you get in early and book a meeting before the event.

Please email us with your availability details the issues you would like to discuss: [email protected]. If you choose to wait until the day itself, meetings will be organised on a first-come, first-served basis.

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10 most wanted profiles in the offshore wind industry

The “10 most wanted profiles survey” is being carried out by Greenfish as part of the EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 careers day. Two questionnaires, designed by Greenfish (one for candidates/employees and one for employers), will define the 10 most wanted profiles in the European offshore wind sector. These profiles will be shared with you during the careers day on 21 November.

Candidates that fall into one of these 10 profile categories will be invited to take part in a matchmaking exercise. The will then be offered an interview with companies looking for people with their skill set.

The aims of the survey are to:

1.    identify the current 10 most wanted profiles in the offshore wind energy sector
2.    help companies that are currently recruiting to meet potential candidates

We encourage potential candidates/employees to take part to find out:

  • if their profiles match those identified by recruiting companies
  • what skills and experience are in demand

Take part in the survey for candidates !

We encourage EWEA members and exhibitors that are currently recruiting to take part to:

  • discover the most in demand profiles (are your competitors looking for the same profiles as you)?
  • give EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 participants your view of the employment situation in the sector

Take part in the survey for companies !

Exhibitors can also find out how to take part in the exhibitor zone.

Please note: by taking part in the survey you are not committing to any recruitment services. Recruitment missions will be processed only upon request and after a feasibility study has been carried out. For more detailed information, please contact the Greenfish team at: [email protected] or by phone: +32 2 333 09 90.

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Careers day at EWEA OFFSHORE 2013

Interested in the offshore wind sector?

The offshore wind industry is booming and this trend is set to continue – and companies are always on the lookout for people with the right skills and experience. The careers day aims to bring together potential employers and job seekers – so whether you’re looking for potential candidates or seeking a job in the offshore wind sector, this is the place to be.

Come to our careers day if you’re:

  • concerned with recruitment issues and would like to contribute to the debate
  • working in human resources and are looking for recruitment solutions
  • looking for a job in the offshore wind sector
  • not actively looking to change jobs but want to know more about market trends and training opportunities in the offshore wind sector
  • working at a university and able to offer study programmes for students interested in the offshore wind sector

The careers day at EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 will centre around the following events and activities:

Who can attend?

Our careers day is free of charge to anyone registered as a conference delegate, exhibition visitor or exhibitor (for EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 on Thursday 21 November).
To attend the employment and training seminar it is sufficient to have an exhibition visitor pass.
See the EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 registration page for more information and how to register.

Organised by EWEA in association with Greenfish: