EWEA OFFSHORE 2011 conference

Learn more in three days than in any other week of the year!

With over 20 informative sessions, a host of expert industry speakers, lively debates, and new interactive format allowing participants to have their say and influence the agenda, the conference provided delegates with the latest information and ideas.

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What the future looks like and how to get there

Will offshore wind replicate the success of onshore wind? How do the choices we make as an industry affect the future of the sector?

Two high-level debates addressed these big questions to the leading players in offshore:

Sessions covered all parts of the offshore wind spectrum

From enhancing the technology itself to improving the way the industry works, the 23 conference sessions approached the offshore wind industry from a wide range of angles:

  • The great outdoors: assessing the resource
  • Grid & infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Logistics: getting them there and keeping them running
  • Wind farm experience, lessons learned and what not to do
  • The soft sector and hard cash

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