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EU Commission turns its back on jobs, leadership and energy security


  • Commission 2030 climate and energy paper sets a weak renewables target of 27%
  • Commission has capitulated to anti-renewables lobby groups

The European Commission proposes a greenhouse gas target of 40% and a renewables target of 27% by 2030 in its Communication published today.

This is despite its own figures which show that setting a 30% renewables target would create over 560,000 more jobs in Europe and boost economic growth while saving billions on imported fossil fuel and health costs.1 An even higher target would have an even greater impact.

The Commission is also ignoring the European Parliament, which voted in favour of a binding 30% renewables target for 2030 in committee earlier this month.

"The previously far-sighted and ambitious European Commission is a shadow of its former self, hiding behind the UK and other backward-looking Member States and lobbies. By effectively advocating repatriation of energy policy to Member States, President Barroso appears to have forgotten his previous calls for "more European integration" on energy policy", stated CEO of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Thomas Becker.

"The Heads of State now need to show leadership and agree an ambitious 2030 climate and energy framework that benefits Europe and allows its world-leading wind energy sector to make Europe more prosperous and secure."

The opening plenary session and press conference of the EWEA 2014 Annual Event, 10-13 March, Barcelona, will focus on the 2030 debate, ten days before Heads of State meet to discuss it.

Press registration is open: http://www.ewea.org/annual2014/media-and-press/


1 In the 2030 Impact Assessment.
More information on 2030 Targets: www.ewea.org/policy-issues/legal-framework/

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