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The end of regulated electricity prices?


The end of regulated power prices - a major obstacle to a liberalised power market - could be in sight after EU energy ministers meet tomorrow. Ministers are expected to call on governments to consider phasing out price regulation, which would be a step towards power generating technologies competing equally on the market, bringing prices down for consumers.

"Ending regulated power prices is crucial, but governments must also remove fossil fuel and nuclear subsidies, and tackle market concentration," said Justin Wilkes of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), ahead of the EU Energy Council meeting on 7 June.

"They should also avoid adding new subsidies for conventional power production from ill-designed 'capacity mechanisms'."

The ministers meeting tomorrow are also expected to support the development of intraday and balancing markets.

"Ministers are right to call for national intraday and balancing markets, but they should  be integrated throughout Europe. They must also think about new energy market forms for both renewable and conventional power generators" added Wilkes.

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