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Stakeholders call for further improvement to grid connection code


EURELECTRIC, together with associations VGB Powertech, EWEA, EPIA, Geode and Cedec, remain unconvinced by the latest changes to the draft Network Code on Requirements for Grid Connection applicable to all Generators, submitted by ENTSO-E to EU regulatory agency ACER last week. The stakeholders therefore ask ACER for more time to adequately review the changes proposed.

Shared concerns about the draft network code include a lack of vision on how the power system will be operated, missing cost-benefit analysis, unbalanced allocation of responsibilities and uncertainty surrounding possible retroactive application. The six associations hope that ACER will take these concerns into account when drafting its ‘reasoned opinion’ on the code, expected for October.

In addition, ENTSO-E’s proposed changes and justification of requirements should be subject to further stakeholder review. “An extra period of three months during which stakeholders should be given an opportunity to express their views on the latest version of the code and the accompanying justification documents should be provided before the network code enters the EU ‘comitology’ process,” the associations state.

Read the letter signed by the six associations.


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