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Invitation – Press conference: wind energy market updates 2010


The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) invites all journalists and media to the press conference that will take place on Monday, 14 June, at 11:00 AM, on Rond Point Schuman, in a tent underneath the 30m turbine blade erected by EWEA to mark Global Wind Day.
During the press conference EWEA will reveal its estimate for wind energy installations in 2010 in Europe as well as provide information about Global Wind Day 2010, which takes place the following day on 15 June.
The speakers will be:

  • Christian Kjaer, CEO, European Wind Energy Association
  • Ingmar Wilhelm, Executive Vice President, ENEL Green Power

Please reply to [email protected] if you are planning to attend.
The press conference will take place right beside the wind turbine blade, erected from 1-15 June on the Schuman roundabout to celebrate Global Wind Day 2010. Weighing in at 4,100kg, this type of blade is used in 1-1.3MW turbines which can produce enough electricity to meet the annual average electricity consumption of over 760 households. Despite its size, it is relatively small compared to the 60m blades used to power 6-7MW turbines today.
As well as being a functional piece of modern engineering it is also a thing of elegance: a statue, a monument to the urgent necessity to move from polluting fossil fuels to clean, renewable energies. As the leading and most visible source of renewable energy, wind turbines are a contemporary icon, frequently used in advertising and on television. But placed as they are on high towers it’s not often that wind turbine blades can be examined close up. This exhibition gives a rare opportunity to admire the curves of a wind turbine blade.
Find out more on www.globalwindday.org           


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